Flight AC 163 YOW to YVR - Schedule November 2011

Air Canada - Flight #163

Air Canada's morning flight out of Ottawa, Ontario to Vancouver, BC is Flight AC 163.

For the period November 6 - November 30, 2011 the flight departs seven days per week. Departing YOW at 7:30 AM EST with scheduled arrival at YVR at 9:40 AM PST.

Scheduled Aircraft Type - Airbus 319.

Number of Stops - 0. This is a non-stop flight.

Distance: 3,577 km 2,223 miles.

Alternate Flights on Air Canada - YOW to YVR

Air Canada have an early evening departure to YVR from YOW at 5:35 PM EST. Air Canada Flight AC 189 arrives at Vancouver International Airport at 7:45 PM PST. Flight schedule November 6 - November 30, 2011.

Scheduled Aircraft Type - Airbus 320.

Number of Stops - 0. This is a non-stop flight.

Alternate Airlines

WestJet Airlines also have non-stop flights to Vancouver from Ottawa.