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Air Canada Student Pass

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The Air Canada Student Pass is 6 one-way flight credits with a range of flight options within Canada and the USA.

There are restrictions on the passes:

  • You must be a student and may be asked to present your student identification card before boarding.
  • This next one seems unfair - the pass is only available for students 25 years of age or less. This restriction by the airline has been receiving plenty of comments from Facebook users who are upset with the age limitation.

If you're over 25, odds are you could use the student airfare discounts as well, but Air Canada doesn't seem to think so. Under 25? Well read on then.

Student Airfare

The Air Canada Student Pass is sold as a block of 6 one way flight segments. You purchase the pass based on the travel zone you intend to travel. The price you pay is based on the zone. Airfares start at $156 per (before taxes) one way flight and up depending upon your zone. In many cases, the airfare may not be as good as other flight specials that Air Canada have, but if you are flying during peak periods like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, then this pass may be the best deal.

2012 Air Canada Student Pass

The 2012 Air Canada Student Pass is now available for purchase. For voucher details visit Student Pass 2012. Passes must be purchased by September 30, 2012.

Note: The information below is for prior years. For current information, visit the 2012 page link above.

Travel Zones

From the Air Canada website, you indicate the city you will be flying from and the city you will be flying to, and the required travel zone is indicated. For example, if you are flying from Halifax to Vancouver BC the travel zone is “North America”. This is the most expensive travel zone and the pass is $2,544 (before taxes) for the six flights, or $424 (before taxes) per one way flight.

There are 18 travel zones to choose from find the right fit for you. Not all areas of the USA and Canada are eligible with the Student Pass.

Cities in Canada Eligible for Air Canada Student Pass

The following Canadian cities are eligible for Air Canada's Student Pass:

  • Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton, Halifax, Kamloops, Kelowna, Kingston, London, Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Sydney, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, Windsor, Winnipeg.
  • Select cities in the USA.
  • This page on Air Canada's website will break down the different zones and which cities are eligible.

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    The Air Canada Student Passes are available for a limited time. The last Student Pass that was offered needed to be purchased by September 28, 2011 and were valid for flights from August 15, 2011 through June 30, 2012.