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Air Canada - Cheap Flights Vancouver

Air Canada is Canada's flag carrier airline and the largest airline in the country. Well known for its agressive pricing on routes within Canada where it competes with WestJet, Canada's second largest airline. You will often find cheap airline tickets for popular routes such as Vancouver to Toronto and Vancouver to Calgary.

The days of finding cheap flights from Vancouver in the newspaper and calling your travel agent to book the flight are long gone. To get the best deals on airfare, travellers need to be searching online and using travel aggregator sites such as Mobissimo and Low Fares, or travel search engines like Travelocity. When a discount airfare is found on-line, they often do not last long and the traveller needs to book the flight that day or by the next day the fare is gone. This is actually much better than the days of print ads, because back in the day, by the time you saw the ad and called the travel agent the fares were no longer available and the agent would then try to sell you "the next best priced flight". When booking online with one of the bigger sites like Mobissimo or Travelocity, you see the fare and book the airline ticket right then and there.

About Air Canada

Founded in 1936, Air Canada began operations under the name Trans-Canada Airlines. In 1965 the name Trans-Canada Airlines was changed to Air Canada. This change was first suggested by Jean Chretien (who later became Canada's 20 Prime Minister during the years 1993 - 2003). In 1978, Air Canada became a Crown Corporation (another example of a Canadian Crown Corporation is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). In 1988 the airline was privatised and 43% of the airline was sold in the public market. By the following year, the airline was 100% privatised.

In 1997 they became a founding memeber of the Star Alliance. The Star Alliance is the world's first airline alliance. The original founding airlines were Air Canada, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International and United Airlines. Star Alliance's headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany. The greatest benefit to airlines in the alliance is the ability to "code share" on flights. Code sharing means that the airline can sell you a ticket under their brand, but the flight is operated by one of the other alliance member. This gives all of the airlines in the alliance the ability to offer many more destinations to their loyal passengers.

In 2003, Air Canada entered bankruptcy protection for 18 months. When it exited bankruptcy protection, a new parent company, ACE Aviation Holdings was formed under which was Air Canada.

Today, their fleet is over 200 aircraft. Their average fleet age is 10 years. They fly to more destinations in Canada than any other airline.

Air Canada Flights

Flight AC 163 Ottawa to Vancouver

Flight AC 205 Calgary to Vancouver