Air North Flights To Whitehorse

Air North is a Whitehorse, Yukon based airline that has been in business since 1977. For flights from Vancouver to Whitehorse, Air North often have cheaper airfare than Air Canada. In addition to the their Vancouver – Whitehorse flights, Air North have scheduled flights to 7 other destinations plus charter flights.

Air North Scheduled Flights

Air North run a regular schedule to the following airports in Canada and the USA:

  • British Columbia
  • Vancouver International Airport – YVR
  • Kelowna International Airport - YLW
  • Air North Airlines

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  • Yukon
  • Whitehorse International Airport - YXY
  • Dawson City Airport – YDA
  • Old Crow Airport – YOC
  • Alberta
  • Calgary International Airport – YYC
  • Edmonton International Airport – YEG
  • Northwest Territories
  • Inuvik Airport – YEV
  • Alaska
  • Fairbanks International Airport – FAI

Charter Flights

Charter flights are a large part of the business of Air North. Throughout the year, look for special charters to select destinations. For example, they are offering a limited edition charter from Whitehorse to Victoria BC over the Thanksgiving Weekend in October 2011.

There are several airlines with charter flights to Vancouver. Air North is the charter airline when flying from Whitehorse or other locations in the Yukon to BC.

About Air North

The airline uses the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport as its base of operations and hub airport. Air North employ over 200 people. As of 2011, their fleet consist of 5 Boeing 737's which were acquired in 2002, 2008 and 2010 and 4 Hawker Sidddeley HS 748's.

Air North Seat Sales

The airline does have seat sales. Check out the Air North Fall Seat Sale.

Air North Travel Passes

The Air North Student Flex Pass is a pass for students that is good for 4 one-way flights between several Air North destinations including, Whitehorse - Vancouver, Whitehorse - Edmonton and Whitehorse - Calgary.

Airfare Passenger Ticket Classes

When booking a flight with the airline, you can choose between their Go Yukon, Saver and Optimum airfare classes. For cheap airline tickets, choose Go Yukon and Saver. The Optimum class is more expensive. If you choose the Optimum fare, there is a lower change fee should you need to make a change to your ticket and no charge for advance seat selection.