American Airlines To Offer Samsung Galaxy Tablets On Flights

In flight entertainment is taking another step forward with American Airlines introduction of complimentary Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablets on select USA and International flights to Europe and South America.

Which Flights Will Have The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablets

American Airlines is scheduled to put 6,000 Tablets on select flights by the end of 2011. The Tablets are planned for flights from New York to Los Angeles (JFK to LAX); New York to San Francisco (JFK to SFO); Miami to Los Angeles (MIA to LAX); Boston to Los Angeles (BOS to LAX) and on some international flights to Europe and South America. Tablets will be for business and first class passengers. There has been no news regarding the ability of other passengers to rent the units on-board flights.

About The Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1

The Tablet went on sale in the USA on June 17, 2011 and the news release by American Airlines and Samsung two days prior was excellent pr for the new tablet. Samsung is gunning for a share of Apple's Ipad market. The Apple Ipad and the word Tablet are essentially interchangeable among computer users.

The tablet market is expected to see a huge upswing over the remainder of 2011 and into 2012. The Ipad is the king of tablets and other competitors have been trying to gain market share with models selling well under $400. Samsung is trying to win customers based on the 10 inch screen size, light weight and super thin size. The Galaxy 10.1 is entering the computer tablet market as the thinnest large screen tablet available.

Operating System

The Tablets will be running on the Android 3.1 Honeycomb platform. Samsung has stated the Tablets will be customized with expanded memory. This suggests that it will allow the tablets to be pre-loaded with high def movies and other applications sure to enhance the user experience on-board.

Who Will Follow

American Airlines is the first to bring complimentary computer tablets to passengers. They surely will not be the last in this highly competitive market. Now, the question is who will be next among the major airlines. Will some of the discount airlines such as Frontier Airlines, Southwest and WestJet consider a similar move.