Article Date: September 5, 2012

In-flight Wifi Coming To Airlines In Canada

Airlines in Canada are finally catching up with the rest of the developed world and will be allowing internet access on flights over Canadian skies.

In the USA WIFI has been available since 2008 when GoGo launched service on American Airlines on select flights. Virgin-America was the first airline in the US to offer fleet wide internet access in 2009. In Canada, it was bureaucracy holding up the availability of internet access.

Air Canada has already been offering WIFI via GoGo on select flights, but only when over the USA.

GoGo Licensed To Provide Wireless Access Over Canada

Industry Canada has issued GoGo a subordinate license for Canada's Air-To-Ground (ATG) radio frequency spectrum. This will allow the company to serve passengers on commercial aircraft in Canada.

The company will operate the network on the same frequency as the company's existing network in the US. This will provide seamless service on flights in Canada, the USA and cross-border flights between the two countries.

Expected Date Of Launch

The company has stated that it expects to begin construction of cell sites in the 4th quarter of 2012 and expect that by the end of 2013 that the service will be operational.

Airlines Currently Providing In-Flight Internet by GoGo

American Airlines was the first in the US to offer GoGo's in-flight internet service. The airline is currently expanding the number of aircraft with service. The plan is to have service on their entire domestic fleet.

In 2010, Delta Air Lines had in-flight Wifi on over 400 aircraft. As of 2012, online access is availableon over 700 Delta aircraft.

Alaska Airlines has connectivity on nearly all of it's aircraft operating in the USA.

All AirTran flights within the US are connected.

Frontier Airlines has internet onboard all of their Embraer 190 aircraft.

United offers Gogo's internet service on flights between New York - JFK and both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

US Airways offers the service on select A321 aircraft. Check with the airline to see if is available for your flight.

Virgin America has you covered with fleet-wide online coverage through Gogo.

Canadian Airlines With WIFI

Air Canada is currently the only airline that offers Gogo service on select flights flying over the USA. WestJet do not have in-flight Wifi. The connection with Air Canada is only available when over the USA.

No word yet on which Canadian airlines will pick up the service and when it will be made available.