Seair Seaplanes Flights From Vancouver To Nanaimo & The Gulf Islands

Seair Seaplanes fly from the Vancouver Airport Seair Seaport Dock to Nanaimo and the following Gulf Islands:

  • Galiano Island - Vancouver
  • Mayne Island - Vancouver
  • Pender Island - Vancouver
  • Salt Spring Island - Vancouver
  • Saturna Island - Vancouver
  • Thetis Island - Vancouver
  • Seair Seaplanes operate a well maintained fleet of Cessna Caravans, Cessna 185's, DeHavilland Beavers and DeHavilland Turbine Beavers.

    Seair Seaplanes Nanaimo Flights

    They have excellent flights To Nanaimo throughout the year with at least 8 flights between Nanaimo and Vancouver daily*. They have even more flights between the two cities in the Spring & Summer months.

    Flights depart Vancouver at the International Airport Seaplane Dock. There is a free shuttle to the main international terminal from the Floatplane Dock. Due to airport restrictions, they can not pick up passengers at the main terminal. Flights arrive in Nanaimo at their dock next to the BC Ferry Terminal in Departure Bay.

    Vehicle Parking:

    One of the great things about flying Seair from Vancouver to Nanaimo is they have free parking at both terminals. You can park your vehicle for free for up to 5 days. Parking is an expense that is easy to overlook when you are considering flying between the two cities.

    Flights From Vancouver Harbour:

    They also have flights from downtown Vancouver to Nanaimo. This is an excellent option for people already in Vancouver who are not flying in from other destinations. Flights depart from the Vancouver Harbour Water Airport.

    Charter Flights

    In addition to their regularly scheduled flights, Seair Seaplanes have charter flights to Vancouver from Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands.

    Flights Between Vancouver and The Gulf Islands

  • Flights to Thetis Island
  • Seair fly from Vancouver to Thetis Island. Their current schedule is 6 flights between Thetis and the YVR float plane terminal, with three departures each day from Thetis Island and three departures from YVR*. The dock on Thetis Island is in Telegraph Harbour.
  • Flights To Salt Spring Island
  • Seair fly from Vancouver to Salt Spring Island. There are 6 flights between Salt Spring Island and Vancouver each day.*. The flight is 20 minutes. The dock on Salt Spring is located in Ganges Harbour. Free vehicle parking.
  • Flights To Pender Island
  • Pender has two dock where floatplanes land. Seair flights from Vancouver to Pender Island are from the North Island at Port Washington. The other floatplane dock is on the South Island at Bedwell Harbour. They do not have regularly scheduled flights from Bedwell Harbour. There are 6 convenient flights each day*. Free parking at each terminal.
  • Flights To Mayne Island
  • Flights to Mayne Island are from Miner's Bay. There are 2 departures and 2 arrivals each day from Mayne Island. The schedule changes during the year, with departures in the morning at 7:30 or 8:00 depending on the time of year and departures in the afternoon between 3:30 and 5:00*. Free vehicle parking. Flight is approx. 20 minutes.
  • Flights To Galiano
  • Flights to Galiano Island are from the Montague Harbour. With two departures and two arrivals each day. Like the flights to Mayne Island, the schedule times change during the year. The departure time in the morning from Gailiano is either 7:30 or 8:00 depending on the season and the departure time in the afternoon is between 3:30 and 6:00*. There is free vehicle parking at both terminals. Flight time is approx. 20 minutes.
  • Flights To Saturna Island
  • Flights to Saturna Island are from Lyall Harbour with 6 flights between Saturna and Vancouver*. The flights are approximately 20 minutes and there is free parking at both terminals.

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    * Note: Times and schedules are subject to change. Check with the airline to confirm current flight schedules.