US Airways Flights To Vancouver Canada

US Airways fly to Vancouver, BC Canada and are one of the major airlines in the United States. Of all the major airlines in the USA, they are the airline most associated with discount airline tickets. Somewhat in the same vein as Southwest Airlines without the benefit of the excellent customer service reputation that Southwest Airlines enjoy. The cost cutting measures by US Airways that have led to the excellent discount airfares have come at a price that can be seen in their customer service1.

Non-Stop Flights To Vancouver on US Airways

US Airways have three main airport hubs in the United States; Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT) in Charlotte North Carolina, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) in Phoenix Arizona, and the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The only airport hub with direct non-stop flights to Vancouver is Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX).

For flights to and from Vancouver on US Airways, Phoenix Sky Harbor is the focus airport. This is where all connections are made for Vancouver International Airport (YVR) flights*.

Cheap Airline Tickets To Vancouver

Recognized for their focus on costs, US Airways try to compete for your business with the cheapest airline tickets. A search between two cities US Airways fly with a travel search engine such as Travelocity or Mobissimo will often have them in the top 3 results.

For the most current US Airways flight timetable: US Airways site timetable .

Dividend Miles and Airlines Alliances

US Airways has a frequent flyer program and is a member in the global airline alliance, Star Alliance. Their frequent flyer program is called Dividend Miles. Benefits include priority check-in and mileage bonuses.

Other member airlines in the Star Alliance include:

For passengers, the major benefit of their membership in the Star Alliance is codesharing of flights. This opens up the number of destinations you can fly to Vancouver with the airline and their partner airlines.

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

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The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is located 7 ½ miles from downtown Vancouver. Transportation from the airport is easy with many airport shuttle buses if you are going immediately to your hotel. There are over 500 metered taxi's serving the international airport. The service is very organized and you won't have to wait long for a cab. The major car rental companies are located inside the airport. There is rapid transit with the Canada Line rapid rail transit that will get you to the city center quickly.

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* Schedules and routes change, please confirm flight schedules with US Airways.
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