Flights From Vancouver to Cranbrook BC (YVR to YXC)

Two airlines have scheduled flights to Cranbrook BC from Vancouver Canada. The Cranbrook International Airport is also known as the Canadian Rockies International Airport. When searching with the travel booking engines, the IATA airport code for the two airports is YVR for Vancouver Int'l and YXC for Cranbrook Int'l.

What Airlines Fly to Cranbrook BC?

You can fly from Vancouver to Cranbrook on Pacific Coastal Airlines and Air Canada Express (aka Air Canada Jazz). Jazz Air is a regional airline that operates flights for Air Canada.

In addition, Central Mountain Air operate flights for Air Canada from Calgary Alberta to Cranbrook, under the brand Air Canada Express.

Integra Air fly from YXC to Edmonton Alberta and connect onwards to Fort McMurray.

WestJet Airlines do not fly to Cranbrook, BC.

About the Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies Airport

The airport is located between Cranbrook to the south and Kimberley BC to the north west. It is approximately 15 kilometers (9 miles) to Cranbrook and 20 kilometers (12 miles) to Kimberley.

Flight Schedules

Flight schedules do change, so check with airlines to confirm latest flight information.


Air Canada Jazz (Air Canada Express) have daily flights from the main terminal at Vancouver International. From Vancouver they fly twice per day. Flight numbers 8213 and 8215. The scheduled arrival times are 11:03 am and 7:00 pm. The flight is 538 kilometers (334 miles).

Pacific Coastal Airlines have the most flights from Vancouver to Cranbrook with the earliest arrival times and the latest flights in the evening. Pacific Coastal Flight #603 gets in at 10:20 am and is available Monday thru Friday. Flight 611 is available Sunday thru Friday and arrives at 5:00 pm. Flight 615 is also Sunday thru Friday and it arrives at 8:45 pm. Saturday has less flight service with just one scheduled flight, flight 605 arrives at 1:00 pm Saturdays.