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Cheap Flights Vancouver - Central America

Good flights from Vancouver to Central America can be difficult to find. The best airport to fly from in Canada to Central America is Toronto Ontario. Western Canada is not serviced nearly as well. This does not mean you can't find a good connection or cheap flights from Vancouver to Central America.

There are discount airlines with great airfares from the USA. With the strength of the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar, booking a flight from the US is more attractive now than it has ever been. The ultra low cost airline, Spirit Airlines, have been adding more Central America flights recently.

In 2011, Spirit Airlines began flying to San Salvador, El Salvador. They now fly to Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama. The only country Spirit Air are not flying to yet is Belize.

Although Spirit do not fly from Vancouver, you can fly to either Los Angeles or Las Vegas and then onwards from there with Spirit.

Frontier Airlines is another discount airline in the US. They only fly to Costa Rica, but they have some of the best airfare to Costa Rica of all the airlines. Flights are non-stop from Denver, Colorado. Frontier do not fly from Vancouver, but they do fly out of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

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