Flights To Nanaimo From Vancouver

If you are flying to Nanaimo from Vancouver, you've got a couple of choices. You can fly by regular airline on Air Canada Jazz to the Nanaimo Airport which is 13 kilometers from town or you can fly right into the heart of town by seaplane. Four seaplane companies fly from Vancouver to Nanaimo's Harbour Water Airport.

The four seaplane companies with flights to Nanaimo from Vancouver are: Harbour Air, Seair Seaplanes, West Coast Air, and Tofino Air.

For flights from destinations outside of Vancouver a connecting flight on Air Canada Express is likely more convenient and should be cheaper if you are already flying on Air Canada. However, if you are already in Vancouver, flying by seaplane is the more interesting and scenic option, and the flights are usually cheaper than Air Canada Jazz.

Seaplane Flights to Nanaimo from Vancouver

When you fly from Vancouver to Nanaimo Harbour you can fly from downtown Vancouver's Water Harbour Airport or from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) Seaplane Terminal in Richmond BC (it's part of the International Airport at the South Terminal). If you're out in Langley,Delta or Richmond the Vancouver International Airport departures will be the more convenient flight. For people in Vancouver or North Van, the downtown departures are the best choice for convenience and the higher number of flights departing from the downtown Harbour Airport.

  • Seair Seaplanes have the most flights each day from YVR to Nanaimo, with at least 8 flights per day. During the Spring and Summer months, Seair have even more flights. Seair fly from both locations in Vancouver. You can view their schedules here.
Harbour Air Seaplane Tailfin
  • Harbour Air and West Coast Air are partners, Harbour Air acquired West Coast Air in 2010. Harbour Air has the distinction of being North America's first carbon neutral airline. They are also the world's largest seaplane operator. If you fly this route often, you may want to consider their different flight discounts. They have two programs; Quick Tickets, and Air Bucks. Also the have a frequent flyer program, High Flyer Rewards. You can fly with Harbour Air or West Coast Air from either the downtown Harbour or YVR. You can view Harbour Air schedules here. and West Coast Air schedules here.
  • Tofino Air fly from the Harbour and from YVR. However, the YVR flights are not non-stop. They include one stop in Silva Bay on Gabriola Island. You can view Tofino Air flight schedules here.

Air Canada Jazz

Air Canada Express is the brand name for Air Canada's regional flights. The flights are operated by Jazz Aviation. For passengers flying in from other destinations with Air Canada, this is probably the best flight. However, you may want to consider flying from the Seaplane Terminal at Vancouver International Airport if you are flying in on another airline. It may work out to be cheaper and possibly a shorter flight wait time as there are several flights per day from the VYR floatplane dock.

Canada's other major airline, WestJet do not fly to Nanaimo.