Vancouver Air Canada Seat Sales

Save money on Vancouver flights by booking an Air Canada seat sale for Vancouver. Air Canada and the nation's discount airline WestJet compete aggressively with each other on Vancouver International Airport flights. Vancouver is the busiest airport in the Western Canada and the two airlines feature seat sales and other flight promotions throughout the year.

Where to Find Air Canada Seat Sales

Sign up on Air Canada's website at the Websavers page to receive email alerts when Air Canada seat sales and last minute flight flight promotions are on sale.

“Websavers” is the name of Air Canada's weekly travel specials. When you are signed up, you'll be kept you up to date on their best offers and any discount airfares. You can save up to 50% off the regular airfares to/from Vancouver if you get in on one of their flight promo's.

The flights are usually for limited time periods and seats fill quickly, so you need to be ready to book these cheap flights quickly when you see them. Keeping your travel dates flexible will help, as the flights are often for specific dates often mid-week. It is harder to find cheap airline tickets on weekend travel dates.

Below is a screen shot of the Websavers page during the week of July 11, 2011. Notice that you can choose to view airfare sales to Canada, the USA, International and “Sun” destinations. You can also choose your departure airport to only view those flights.

Air Canada Seat Sale

Air Canada Special Offers

Another area on Air Canada's website to watch is Air Canada Special Offers. You can find that page here:Air Canada Special Offers.

An Air Canada seat sale is an excellent chance to save substantially when booking flights to Vancouver. Many times flights are not dependent on round-trip travel, if that is the case you can book one leg of your journey with AC and the other leg with WestJet to take advantage of the best airfare on the specific flight dates you want to travel.

Air Canada Student Pass

It's back! The Air Canada Student Pass was introduced again for purchase in 2012. The passes must be purchased by September 30, 2012. Travel is available from August 12, 2012 through June 30, 2013. The pass can be a good deal for cheap airline tickets for students depending upon where you are travelling.

Air Canada Promo Codes

Another excellent was to save on flights is to keep on the lookout for Air Canada promotion codes or discount codes. Air Canada have a page on the site that give you different promotion codes for an Air Canada Tango fare. Here is a screen shot from July 12, 2012. More information on Air Canada Promo Codes.

Air Canada Promo Code

Note the tight booking deadline for this seat sale / discount airfare.

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